Author: Vape Factory

Ecigator is one of the well-known vape brands spun off from Giftsoar Technology Co., Ltd, it’s one of best ISO-certified disposable vape manufacturers for OEMs, ODMs, and OBM since 2010. The founder team comes from top firms with more than 10 years of experience in the vaping industry and has devoted thousands of hours to providing users with a better and better experience.

Recently the electronic cigarettes have gained attention as a trending item or as a way to help smokers quit. A lot of people want to buy a disposable vape but there are numerous types of them that they don’t be able to decide which one to pick. While they’re simple to get, you don’t want to be in a hurry in the event that you choose to buy one, would you? In this post, we’ll describe seven varieties of disposable vapes and vapes, describing their characteristics. Types of Vape (Electronic Cigarette) There are four major varieties of vape. Each comes…

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